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What would Ralph Haver Do?

Posted by admin in Construction

Remodeling Tips for your Haver Home. If Ralph Haver was alive today, how would he design an addition to a home? I own a Ralph Haver home, but how do I appropriately renovate it? This is a question that any one of you have probably asked…

Market Update for May 2015

Posted by admin in Market Update

The spring real estate market is in full swing here in The Valley of the Sun. As temperatures start to rise, the housing market always seems to follow.   The supply of homes in Phoenix has been relatively low for a city of our size…

Sandblasting your Haver

Posted by admin in Construction

Many of you have probably seen it in your own neighborhood, and have even considered doing it yourself. Sandblasting your Haver will give it a much more contemporary and updated look. In fact, Ralph Haver originally wanted to leave the block exposed. However, over the…

Viva Phx

Posted by admin in Entertainment

One of the coolest things about living in a Haverhood? You’re always near the action! One of Phoenix’s most anticipated music events, Viva Phx, is finally coming again to downtown. As Phoenix’s annual music festival, the concert will take place on March 14th, just in…

Hello, Haver Home Fans!

Posted by admin in Welcome!

We’re excited to have you join us on our hunt for all that is Ralph Haver. From exceptional homes, built with Ralph Haver’s signature flair, to exceptionally modern influences— we’ve got you covered! Join us as we explore the neighborhoods that Ralph Haver poured his…