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Ralph Haver

Ralph HaverRalph Haver was a contemporary architect who actively worked in Phoenix between 1945 and the 1980s. He is best known for his clean, modern developments and neighborhoods, better known as “Haver Homes” or “Haverhoods.” His style is typically characterized by low pitched, sloping roofs, floor-to-ceiling windows, a liberal use of window walls, and prominent chimneys.

Haver was born in 1915 in Pasadena, California and obtained his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California in 1941. After graduating, he served in the Army and later, created his first architecture firm in 1946. Initially called Ralph Haver & Associates, the name varied at different points throughout the years due to several staff changes, however, Haver remained a constant partner and solid design influence throughout the firm’s tenure.

Haver took part in creating some of Phoenix’s most unique and recognizable buildings, including Scottsdale’s original Cine Capri (now demolished and rebuilt), the Municipal Office Complex for the City of Phoenix, Paradise Valley Methodist Church, and Coronado High School (now mostly demolished and rebuilt).

Throughout his career, Haver collaborated with many well-known architects and builders such as Del Webb, Fred Woodward, and Dell Trailer.

His vision has given rise to several of Phoenix’s most sought after neighborhoods, each created with his distinctive and sleek designs that modern homebuyers and architects alike have come to love.