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We’re excited to have you join us on our hunt for all that is Ralph Haver. From exceptional homes, built with Ralph Haver’s signature flair, to exceptionally modern influences— we’ve got you covered! Join us as we explore the neighborhoods that Ralph Haver poured his heart and soul into, and the homes that helped create an Arizona sensation. We’d like to welcome you to our Haverhood!


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About the Founders




Danny is passionate about Ralph Haver homes, so much so that he purchased his own in Town and Country IV in the Fall of 2014. As a full time Realtor, and owner of Myriad Real Estate Group, Danny has assisted many buyers and sellers with their own Haver Homes. He enjoys educating people on what they are and what they have the potential to become. (Click here for the full bio)

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Aaron Stouffer is an Architectural Designer in Tempe Arizona with a passion for Mid-Century Modern architecture throughout the world. A 2011 graduate from Kent State University, he enjoys traveling, home remodeling, and creating custom Mid-Century Modern home art. (Click here for the full bio)