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Aaron’s Bio

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Aaron is a designer at the Tempe-based firm, Architekton. He has a passion for creative design, graphics, and uncovering architecture trends throughout the world.

With a keen eye for the the mid-century modern style, he has created countless pop art works reflecting homes and businesses throughout the Phoenix area.

Aaron arrived in Phoenix from Pennsylvania by way of Ohio, embarking on a journey 2,000 miles away from the familiar plains of the Midwest.  A 2011 graduate of Kent State University, he holds a master’s degree in Architecture.

Aaron has partnered with a number of organizations and ventures throughout his time in Arizona, including Tempe Cares,  the American Institute of Architects Home Tour, and numerous neighborhood associations. One of his most exciting projects to date has been spearheading a design competition focused on the rejuvenation of his hometown.

In his free time, he enjoys traveling, remodeling his 1940s home, and researching the latest trends in mid-century design.[/one_half_last]